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Hey, y'all!

I am new to Happy Feet. I saw the movie for the first time last week and absolutely loved it. I went looking for a little Mumble of my own at the toy store today, but nothing really jumped out at me. Then my sister took me to Build-A-Bear, where they have the limited edition Mumble plushie you can make. I just had to! I knew it was a lot of money, but two facts helped me rationalise the purchase. 1) Mumble is only there for a limited time, and 2) I just got money this weekend for dog sitting. I even got the cute little Mumble voicebox, the "I'm Being Spontaneous" T-shirt and the $1 purple heart that benefits Autism Speaks (fitting charity for me, by the way, as I work with young adults with Autism).

They had me do all kinds of crazy things with that heart! I had to put it on my head to make Mumble smart (of course, my sister quipped that putting the heart on my head would make him stupid), on my ear so he'd be a good listener, on my cheek to make him smile and on my elbow to give him a good funny bone. I'm pretty sure they added the heart-to-the-hip part just for Mumble; they had me dance to give him happy feet.

When I was in the car putting on Mumble's T-shirt, I realised Mumble's tags were gone. My sister had said something about it when we left, but I thought she just meant the tag on the T-shirt. They'd cut it off at the register before putting him in the box. I'm 27 years old, but you know, I burst out in tears anyway. This is a limited edition plushy. On one hand, I felt like he was ruined, and on the other hand, I felt guilty for thinking that. My sister turned the car around, took Mumble back inside, and fortunately, they put the tag right back on exactly the way it's supposed to be. So all is good now.

Anyone else do the Build-A-Bear Mumble?

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Rawr, so, went to WalMart last night... around 12:45 (!!!) they FINALLY unpacked the Happy Feet DVDs. Sigh, so, I am picking through the combo packs (your choices are Happy Feet and The Great Panda Adventure or Happy Feet and a Bonus Footage Happy Feet). Of course, I want the bonus Happy Feet DVD... which they don't carry in widescreen! Tsk, if I am gonna buy a movie, I'd like to buy ALL of the movie, not just the center of the screen. T^T Anyone's Walmart selling the Widescreen/Bonus DVD pack? Any idea if a "more special than last week's!" release is likely?

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Hi everyone!  i just wanted to let you all know about the community, Happy Feet Daily! 

i'll be taking a screen shot from the movie, 5 days a week, and posting them on Happy Feet Daily, for you to view in your friends list.

the group address is:

all you got to do is join the group, and you'll get happy feet pictures in your friends list.

Everybody Dance Now!!
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I got the DVD last night at midnight and watched it. :3 I forgot just how damn cute the movie was.

I watched the deleted scenes and I have to say, I REALLY wish they had left in the scene with Steve Irwin as the albatross.

Has anyone else seen that scene yet?
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Hi I'm new

I saw Happy Feet late last year and thought it was jaw-dropping and eye-poppingly cute. I can see why these flightless birds, high as kites, appeal so much to us "aliens". Everything about it looked so real - snow, fur, feathers, backgrounds, the underwater ballet sequences - it totally deserved to win the oscar. Makes you think the South Pole sure is a real deathtrap for a little penguin.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone was kind enough to share some mp3s? The songs I want are:
Somebody to Love (Brittany Murphy)
I Wish (original by Stevie Wonder)
Kiss/Heartbreak Hotel (Hugh Jackman/Nicole Kidman)
The Huddle
The Eggs Hatch
Wives Ho!
In My Room (the Sydney Children's Choir)
If I Could Sing
Fun Food Storm
Tap Versus Chant

Thank you!